A personal list of movies and TV series, used as a reference when I'm in the store buying new ones, or on the couch deciding which movie to watch.


A complete list of my movies and TV-series, with additional information for each title when available. If the IMDB app is installed on the device you can open that with the right info via a link. The list, including categories, is stored on the server and can easily be updated there and refreshed on the device.


The Mine iPhone app downloads a JSON file from my server and stores it on the device. The JSON files contains the complete data-structure, so it includes the top-level lists. If I want to add 'Games' as a category, I just add it to my JSON file.

The JSON file is generated with a Python script from the files and folders on my NAS that contain all my digitized movies and TV series. This file is run through another script which adds the IMDB id from omdbapi.com to the JSON and caches the matches locally.

The app shows the detail info screen only if the IDMB id is present. It fetches the info from omdbapi.com and stores this, and the poster image on the device. If the IMDB app is available on the iPhone a link to it is shown so you can get additional info.

Mine is for my personal use only.


If you know a way to make this app useful for a broader audience, please let me know. My main issue is that a user needs to keep a JSON-file stored somewhere, and I don't want to add editing to the app. However, it could connect to other services that provide lists of lists. Other info-providers could be supported as well.