A fast and easy way to create a favicon for your website that looks good on new hi-res Retina displays as well as on regular displays. Drag in a 32x32 icon image and a 16x16 one, then drag out your new favicon.ico into the desired folder. Even easier: drag in any image, and HiFavicon will automatically resize to both the 32 and 16 pixel formats. The generated retina favicon even works in old Internet Explorer versions on Windows XP.


Drop your carefully crafted 32x32 and 16x16 icons on the drop-targets, and a favicon.ico containing both sizes is generated. Just drag it to the desired location and you're done.

Or, drag in any image and it is automatically resized, for an even quicker way to generate a retina favicon. This works fine, but note that you will get better results if you tweak both sizes manually and then drop them on the app.

The generated favicon includes both icons, with 24-bit color and 8-bit transparancy. It also works on Windows XP which doesn't support the newer ico-format.

About color

The favicon is saved with exact RGB values and without a color profile. Safari and Chrome on Mac OS X Mountain Lion use a color profile to display colors that are visually more accurate. If you inspect the displayed RGB values with a tool like xScope, these values are different from the exact RGB values stored in the icon. If you set the display profile in the System Preferences > Displays > Color to sRGB IEC61966-2.1, the original RGB values show up in this tool, however this is not how the display is calibrated.


Do you want to help me localize the HiFavicon app for your language? Please get in touch. The more languages, the merrier.

Any other suggestions, questions, or issues are welcome too, of course.


Is something not working quite right for you? Send me your source images and a description of the problem, and I will try to fix it.