5 minutes

A 5 minute countdown timer for the iPhone and iPad. Ideal for workouts or cooking, for example. Yes, it supports other durations as well.
I also used it to learn some Swift, and if there's enough interest I'll put it on Github.


Choose a duration, from 30 seconds up to 10 minutes.
Start the timer.
Pause at any time.
When paused, reset, continue, or restart immediately.
When done, reset or restart.
So basically, a timer 😁

When the timer is running, you can always tell the remaining time as the screen will not turn off. To prevent burn-in, the time is also moving down slowly as it is counting down. Once the timer is done or paused, the screen will turn off normally.

If you switch to another app or turn the phone off, the timer will pause automatically, and continue once the app is resumed.

You may encounter some Easter eggs along the way.


I've tried to make Accessibility work well, but I can't really test that. If this is something you need and it's not working as expected, please contact me so I can make it better, not only for this app but for future apps as well.

Swift and open source

I've used this project to learn some Swift. If there's enough interest I'll open source it on Github. I'm happy to share my thoughts on the code if you have any questions, and equally happy if you can tell me how to improve the code.