5 minutes

A 5 minute countdown timer for the iPhone and iPad. Ideal for workouts or cooking, for example. Yes, it supports other durations as well.
I also used it to learn some Swift, and if there's enough interest I'll put it on Github.


A fast and easy way to create a favicon for your website that looks good on new hi-res Retina displays as well as on regular displays. Drag in a 32x32 icon image and a 16x16 one, then drag out your new favicon.ico into the desired folder. Even easier: drag in any image, and HiFavicon will automatically resize to both the 32 and 16 pixel formats. The generated retina favicon even works in old Internet Explorer versions on Windows XP.


A personal list of movies and TV series, used as a reference when I'm in the store buying new ones, or on the couch deciding which movie to watch.